Avoxmedia | A brand and digital marketing agency
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About Us

We Are A Brand and Digital Marketing Agency

We love helping our clients launch new brands, reinvigorate existing ones, introduce products, and solve a myriad of strategic challenges such as brand architecture, category development, environmental branding, employee communication, and more. Regardless of the assignment, we strive to design meaningful and relevant brand experiences at every possible touchpoint—because this is what successful brands do.



One-stop solution provider for all your Branding and Digital Marketing requirements.

We work from the ground up to understand your business objectives and create a digital strategy

Our Services
Our Service

Every client gets a project manager, whose job it is to ensure that the project is completed without a hitch. All our project managers are trained marketing experts with experience in the industry.

Our Quality

All of our design and development work is checked by the head of the department and the creative director before sending to the client. This means that the quality of our work is exceptionally high, always.

Our Value

The high quality of work we provide, and our in-house production results in exceptionally high value for our clients. No cheapie graphic design or templates to make our lives easier - we do it properly.

Our Team

The people that work at Avox media are an interesting bunch, who are all passionate about what we do. That passion is transformed into your brand - every client, no matter how big or small gets the same great treatment.

Our Innovation

We don't just follow the same path that every agency does - our ideas are often completely crazy, but always fantastic. We take innovative approaches to everything we do, helping your brand stand out.

Our Structure

Over the years we've developed an approach to getting projects done, and how we charge, that is unique and offers incredible value to our clients. Our fees are standardised across the board - so you always know what you're getting.

Request a proposal, inquire about our packages, schedule a free 30 minute consultation, or just ask a question.

The process

First Step

Attract New Fans By Consistently Delivering Awesome

If content can be searched or shared, it can be optimized to help your prospects more easily discover the information they seek to guide their purchasing decisions.

One of the most effective ways to attract new brand fans is to be likable.  Consumers purchase from people they like and brands they trust.  We will help you consistently add value for your target audience through relevant information, interesting and creative content, insight into best practices, news that affects your customers, and thought or conversation provoking commentary.

Second Step

Engage Customers, Fans, Friends & Followers

Engagement is a critical element of your online marketing strategy. What can you do to keep them engaged and talking about you? The first step is getting in tune with the topics and types of information that will hold their interest. It seems elementary, yet many brands fall flat when determining what to do with their fans once they become connected.

More content isn’t always better. Your brand content must be relevant, timely, and optimized for social sharing in order to engage your community. We help companies anticipate customer needs and get in front of them across channels and platforms, with the right content to influence their decisions and inspire them to take action at that specific point in their journey

Third Step

Convert Fans into Customers & Brand Advocates

Chances are, your current customers received many touches from your brand – either directly from you, or via their network – before actually making the decision to complete your desired action.  Once we’ve attracted the right audience to your brand and engaged them by anticipating and answering their needs, we offer the information and value that will help them finalize their purchasing decision.